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Get this unique and limited download (1/100) for you to print and have in your home or office for only 8.50 USD.

What do you get for 8.50 USD?:

- 3 files ready to print in sizes A4, A3, and A2 in format PNG / 300dpi
- 1 PDF file with a standard license for private use* (you can show this document together with your invoice if your printing establishment requires it).

(*)For Commercial Use License i.e: marketing, advertising, Print-On-Demand, business social media, etc., please write to info@biosnap-shop.com)

Any problem with the file don't hesitate to get in touch with me to help you info@biosnap-shop.com

All rights reserved

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3 copies ready to print in size A4, A3, and A2 in format PNG / 300dpi + 1 PDF file with a standard license for private use

ABOUT THE ORIGINAL ARTWORK: This one is one of my darlings. It was made in 2017 I was trying different portrait angles and I wanted to make the light more intense. The original piece was made in A4 format with colored pencils and acrylic on paper.
The artwork was digitized with a scanner at 400dpi for better results.
ABOUT THE PRINTING: For better results print your file in a professional printing service. - If you think you have a good printer at home or in the office, make sure to check the colors, and settings, and calibrate your printer with a calibration test print for better results. - Please note that the printed result will most likely vary a little bit from the colors you see on your screen as each device brand has its own color management and resolution for its screens. - Other factors that can influence the result are 1) the material you are printing on (canvas, PVC, metal, or cotton paper) and the material quality (type, thickness, resistance, etc), 2) the printing quality, and 3) the Technique of printing. I recommend that for this poster you look for a matte finishing in a material that allows it.
RETURN/REFUND/EXCHANGE POLICY: There is no return or exchange with digital downloads. To be eligible for a refund you must verify that the Files purchased are compatible and were not damaged during the download, I expect you to notify me about any problem within (5) business days after the purchase. I will replace the Files and will work with you until we find a solution. If nothing can be done about the situation I will evaluate the case and will refund you. In no event, I or biosnap-art will be liable for poor printing quality, printing process delays, or consequential damages to the files during the printing process.
The original is not on sale anymore.
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